Dynamics 365 Sales for distributors

Specialized solution that simplifies the management of basic and related sales processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for distributors

Specialized CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for distributors. Simplify and enhance your sales processes and manage both basic and complex sales tasks.

All data on specialists, clients and leads in one system

  • Maintain a database of distributors, register their product lines and industries.

  • Analyze the customer base (sales and demand analytics by customer location).

  • Register a lead to your system from the site landing pages or social networks.

  • Use the tool for automatic leads distribution to responsible sales managers.

Convenient and functional process of acquiring a new client

  • Organize the process of the first contact with a potential client by phone, using the OntargIT tool to accompany the first contact (queue for dialing, call result, repeated call at the client request, etc.).

  • Transfer the lead to the dealer for further service.

  • Get feedback on the quality of service from the client.

  • Check the service status of the lead from the dealer.

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Expanded support for sales processes

  • Use the built-in pricing mechanism from OntargIT, which allows you to set discounts suitable for the level of distributor access for certain goods groups or goods, depending on the type of payment.

  • Formalize and automate the requests approval for special discounts by managing limits at the level of groups or individual products for each of the roles of the approval process.

  • Divide managers access to customer base and sales data according to the regions they serve.

Creation and management of events, audience analysis

  • Plan and organize events for your dealers and their customers.

  • Analyze the employees performance by planning their work schedule and holding events by them.

  • Analyze the audience and focus of events, the effectiveness of your managers in this area.

  • Automate the survey of participants in these events and the creation of leads based on the survey results.

  • Run marketing campaigns, plan your budget and record actual expenses.

Automation of contract creation and management of already concluded contracts

  • Involve specialists from other departments of the company in the process of developing and agreeing on the text of the contract using available licenses (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365).

  • Track the status of contract signing.

  • Fulfill covenants or track the implementation of covenants by dealers.

  • Renew existing contracts in time.

Typical stages of implementation

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