Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset  Management

Easily manage and maintain various equipment in your company

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset  Management

Easily manage and maintain various equipment in your company

A new era of asset management

microsoft asset overview

The module is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solution and easily integrates with other modules. It helps to achieve the highest possible asset uptime, efficient operation, and predictability in use. Includes the management and maintenance of the physical assets of the organization throughout the life cycle.

Assets can be your:

  • Real estate

  • Vehicles and any other mobile equipment;

  • Production equipment

  • An expensive tool and inventory that has been used for a long time.


Key features

It involves maintaining a complex classification of assets based on the value hierarchy.

Allows you to manage your planned asset maintenance needs based on manufacturer recommendations, thereby preventing unexpected equipment failures. The planned maintenance date is calculated based on the parameters from the manufacturer’s technical documentation entered into the system. This allows maintenance work to be planned in advance. The data is collected in a calendar that serves as the basis for a timetable-driven work order. When equipment, or any other type of asset, needs urgent emergency repairs, it is possible to create special work orders and fit them into the existing planned schedule.

Manage a team of specialists who can perform certain types of work related to the repair or maintenance of assets.

which contain a list of actions that must be performed by an employee when performing repair or maintenance of an asset.

of materials and spare parts that are required to carry out repairs or maintenance of assets. Based on such a forecast, a procurement plan for the required items can be generated.

Ability to work with the module on different devices, including smartphones.

og the repair and maintenance plan (Power BI charts, Gantt chart).

equipment operations. Based on a number of parameters such as working capacity, criticality of the work order, etc.

provide a set of analytical data to measure the performance of an asset, allowing you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the asset utilization

Upgrade your business strength with Dynamics 365

Upgrade your business strength with Dynamics 365