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We bring all aspects of your business together in one integrated platform – Food & Beverage ERP. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, our software not only supports your current requirements but also provides a strategic platform for growth, ready to adapt to future innovations and market changes.

Key features

Why do you need Food & beverage ERP?

Your food and beverage operation faces complex challenges like changing trends, evolving regulations, and traceability concerns.

A generic ERP, even with customizations, can’t fully meet your needs or handle your business complexity.

A tailored ERP enhances automation, efficiency, visibility, and performance to meet customer demand effectively.

One end-to-end solution for any industry challenge

The food industry faces many challenges. Every problem in every sector of the food industry requires a technological solution. Therefore, understanding and controlling all of your processes is an important measure. The consumer is becoming more demanding, laws and regulations are becoming more stringent, and as a food company, you must constantly meet these requirements.

We have combined all aspects of your business in one complete solution OntargIT Food & Beverage ERP.

Your industry segment


The changes demand many industrial bakeries to innovate and associate a more flexible production capacity. Only by doing so can they efficiently make several types of products in response to newer trends.


Increased competition, changes in consumer demand, tougher security regulations, and the growth of retail operators.


Industry challenges are forcing producers to overcome a wide array of issues to ensure not only the best quality products delivered to their consumers under the best conditions, but also in the fastest time possible.


Demand for environmentally friendly products, unique manufacturing technology, production of different types of goods. This diversity creates certain industrial challenges in the dairy market.

Fresh produce and farming

The need for reliable suppliers, forecasting demand is becoming a daily practice. Food quality and safety are the main indicators in this market.

Frozen and prepared packaged foods

Customers expect freshness, choice and quality. How do you monitor the quality of storage of goods? What are the key components of the proposed product? What is the shelf life?

Meat, Seafood, and Poultry

Animal welfare, product safety, short lead times, and efficient packaging of finished goods are key features of this industry.


The consumer wants to eat healthier food. This leads to the emergence of new types of products for consumption, new ingredients, and sugar substitutes.

Spices and other ingredients

Components origin, manufacturing method, range expansion, modern production.


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