Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is a corporate, multifunctional ERP system that covers the entire range of business processes of large and medium-sized enterprises in various industries. The system contains all the necessary tools to improve business efficiency and make informed decisions.

Business process transformation

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful, scalable and reliable ERP solution that can successfully support, transform and improve business processes in dynamic, growing companies, including ambitious business plans and roadmap for business technologies.

The introduction of innovations

By using the ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics AX, the introduction of innovations, the addition of new businesses, teams, offices, locations, products and processes to the structure is easy and fast. At the same time, when the need arises, you can switch to cloud technologies to continue to maintain all the necessary infrastructure at the lowest cost. In addition, a hybrid model is available for use, in which an organization can place several modules in the cloud, while keeping the rest on-premises.

Versatility and professionalism

The functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system covers all areas of the company: finance, logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, project management, customer relations, and personnel. Also, it can successfully work in large and medium-sized companies in almost any industry.
The presence of specially designed industry solutions strengthens the system, with the help of a special management efficiency for enterprises operating in such industries as:


The best solution for automating sales to deliver your customers a complete shopping experience.


The solution provides the ability to work in discrete, process and lean manufacturing simultaneously.


Microsoft Dynamics AX supports the changing conditions of the business environment due to global changes.

Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides unique and complete cloud solutions that support your business growth.

Public Companies

Misrosoft Dynamics AX provides full control over resources, including budget allocation, personnel, and assets.

Integrated analytics

Microsoft Dynamics AX allows companies not only to use their resources efficiently, but also to accelerate the introduction of new products and services, and provides flexibility in responding to changes in the business environment.

Built-in analytics helps to accelerate the introduction of new, more profitable or innovative products and services to the market. This opens up new opportunities for the company’s growth and development.

With built-in analytics, the company is able to measure various performance indicators that help determine its efficiency and productivity.

Analytical data allows the company to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment.

Thanks to the analytical data obtained, the company can work to improve its competitiveness and accelerate business development.

User-friendly interface

Dynamics AX offers unique capabilities that simplify the user experience through intuitive design and integration with other Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an intuitive user interface that supports touchscreens and looks and works like Microsoft Office. This ensures a smooth and convenient user experience.

The solution integrates with Dynamics CRM and Office 365, which contributes to efficient work and increased productivity.

Integration with Power BI, CRM 2016, Office365, SharePoint, Azure Machine Learning, and Cortana services allows users to use data from social networks and other open sources of information in their work.

Work from anywhere in the world

Dynamics AX’s unique HTML 5 browser interface is so flexible you can access the system from almost any device. The modern user interface also allows you to use Dynamics AX on any device, not just to a Windows PC in the office. The company’s management and employees can participate in negotiations, work on projects and documents, receive the necessary reports in real time, connect to the system via mobile devices from anywhere in the world, even on vacation or business trips that can achieve the company’s goals.

Easy implementation

ERP systems are traditionally known for the complexity and slowness of installation. However, the era of gigantic budgets and tense implementations is over. Advanced Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services technology, a cloud-based service that enables rapid turnkey implementation backs Dynamics AX. Thanks to the high mobility of the system and the improved cloud functionality of the architecture, the process of updating the system is as fast and easy as possible.

Implement it with us!

Dynamics AX provides a full range of features that help you manage your finance, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, and other processes. You can seamlessly control all aspects of your business from one centralized platform, which promotes efficiency and provides a unified data system.