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Design intelligent, actionable, and connected AI assistants for employees and customers with Copilot Studio.

Experience modern bot-design

Use the easy-to-use design tool to create complicated chats with questions, answers, and logic. Take the information collected by the bot and use it again in other places. With the simple Microsoft Power Fx language, bots can handle tough logic for smart chats. Make chats more engaging with pictures, videos, and quick replies. Make each user’s experience unique and engaging.

Effortlessly switch into code

One of the key features of Microsoft Copilot Studio is the ability to switch between the visual editor and code with just one click. This feature enables bot creators to delve into the underlying logic of their chatbots, making it easy to manage the behavior and responses of the bots as needed. By seamlessly transitioning between these two modes, users can gain greater control over their chatbot’s functionality and customize it to meet specific requirements.

Unlock Microsoft Copilot Studio advantages

Create custom copilots

Microsoft Copilot Studio empowers you to create advanced conversational applications using state-of-the-art generative AI and large language models. Develop chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service agents that can understand and interact with users naturally. This capability allows you to improve customer support, enhance user engagement, and automate interactions with precision and intelligence.

Customize Copilot for Microsoft 365

Tailor Microsoft Copilot to fit your unique business processes by building custom extensions. Copilot Studio provides the tools to create extensions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. Whether you need to automate data entry, generate reports, or streamline communication, you can develop specific functionalities that directly address your business needs, enhancing the performance and scope of Copilot.

Use one connected platform

Microsoft Copilot Studio is built using leading conversational AI technologies and is fully interoperable with Azure AI Studio and other Microsoft applications. This integration ensures that you can leverage the best AI tools available while maintaining compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Develop scalable and reliable AI solutions that can handle complex tasks, enhance your operational capabilities, and support your digital transformation efforts.

Enable AI conversations

Develop compelling bots with Copilot. This technology lets you use slot/entity filling, which helps your bot pick up and understand important details from what users say. Plus, Copilot can learn on its own. It gets better with time by learning from past interactions and changing its responses to be more helpful and natural for users.

Boost bot’s visibility

Distribute your content on platforms like Microsoft Teams, Facebook, and a variety of websites. With support for 23 languages, you can converse with international customers and colleagues, providing them with a comfortable and personalized chat experience in their native language.

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Microsoft Copilot Studio

Build your own copilots, available across multiple channels, to serve employees and customers.


25,000 messages/month

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

Use Copilot Studio to build extensions within Copilot for Microsoft 365 chat.



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