OntargIT HR & Payroll

Ready-to-use module that fully automates key HR management and payroll tasks.

Module benefits

Why do you need OntargIT HR & Payroll?

Simplify business development through efficient personnel management.

Adopt global standards for your workforce with reduced risk of errors due to automation.

Optimize your processes and boost team productivity automated calculation of salaries, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

Key functionality

Comprehensive solution

Seamless integration with existing systems

Payroll & HR module readily merges with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. This powerful integration gives you the leverage to fully utilize your existing infrastructure.

Efficient human resource management

Simplify the complexities involved in recruitment, leave administration, staffing alterations, and termination procedures. Solution allows you to concentrate on the strategic evolution of your enterprise.

Streamlined payroll calculation

The module efficiently automates the calculation of wages, bonuses, and a variety of other compensations, while respecting the peculiarities of local laws and regulations.

Adaptable and customizable system

The system can be tailored to perfectly align with your specific business needs and requirements.

Robust control and reporting mechanism

This module offers comprehensive oversight of all HR-related processes and generates detailed reports in line with your organizational needs and in compliance with legal obligations.

Implemented in your industry

Dynamics 365 implementation for manufacturing industry
Dynamics 365 implementation for manufacturing industry


What’s new

Ready to upgrade your business?

Leverage the “Payroll & HR” module to unlock the full potential of your workforce. This solution streamlines your management processes and automates payroll calculations, specifically tailored to comply with Ukrainian legislation