Partnership with OntargIT

Enhance your project delivery or build a solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with OntargIT partner services

Partnership with OntargIT

Enhance your project delivery or build a solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with OntargIT partner services

Professional team

Imagine a team of Dynamics 365 (F&O, CE) and Power Platform professionals with a great synergy and broad set of skills (architects, functional and technical consultants, developers) working as a single unit to perform variety of partner services.

Customizable offer

We offer this service for Dynamics 365 Partners (ISV, MCP, VAR, SI) or other technology providers, who:

Expand your possibilities with OntargIT

Microsoft Solutions Partner in Business Applications

Qualified Team


Partner services package options:

Dedicated team

When to choose it  

  • The workload and required set of skills is predictable 
  • Mid-to-Long term commitment 
  • Example – Implementation projects / Product development 

How it works  

  • Professionals are dedicated to you with committed availability 
  • Workload management on your side 
  • Billed monthly 


  • Team is always available and dedicated to your project  
  • Attractive rate per hour 
  • No planning upfront required 


  • Doesn’t scale as fast as on-demand service 
  • Fixed commitment liability 
  • Fixed set of skills 

On-demand partner service

When to choose it  

  • The workload and set of required skills is difficult to predict upfront 
  • Short-to-Mid term commitment 
  • Example – Customer support / Partner consulting 

How it works  

  • Delivery lead assigned to you – single contact point, manage all requests and finds the right skills and resources according to your requirements 
  • Weekly reporting based on task assigned 


  • Dynamic scaling and resourcing (no extra paperwork required) 
  • Broader set of skills 
  • Single point of communication 
  • Less management efforts 


  • Higher rate per hour  
  • Requires regular planning to ensure resource availability 
  • Longer resource assignment lead time 


– Hiring and retaining new employee, which is long and costly processes, doesn’t quickly scale and requires dedicated management touchpoints.

– Contracting Dynamics 365 partner or recruitment organizations that provides one-time development staff, without full-cycle delivery experience directly to end-customers and without built-in team synergy.

We have what you need:

– Scalability that allows to increase or decrease experts capacity based on customer’s demand.

– Extension of your services, technology expertise and capability in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, CE, Power Platform.

-Quick way to build a team with right skills on your projects.

– Single entry point for communication and less resource management efforts to ensure successful delivery.

Upgrade your business strength with OntargIT

We obtain expertise which we’ve got by providing implementation consulting  to end customers for many years, and great team synergy we’ve built by doing so.

We are not a recruitment organization that just hires and resell resources. Instead we are service-oriented partner focusing on long term collaboration with customers and development of our teams.

Together with us you will deliver successful projects and improve the quality of work.

Contact us to get a great service and resources available. 

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