Cost analysis

Power BI

OntargIT has developed a specialized report in Microsoft Power BI for analyzing production costs.

Cost analysis report

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 this report gives manufacturing companies the ability to calculate, visualize and analyze the planned and actual structure of the cost of production with details down to materials, man- and machine-hours, overhead costs.

Use multiple processes

  • Planned cost structure

  • Actual cost structure

  • Deviations in the consumption of materials by quantity and price

  • Deviation in the use of human and machine resources, both in quantity and in rates

  • Overhead variances

Analysis includes analytics

  • Resource identifier (material, human or machine resource code) and/or resource group

  • Department / Work Center

  • Production order number

  • Sales order and/or project number (if production is for a specific sales order)

  • Product ID, Product Group / Spec ID, at all nesting levels, and/or its configuration

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Preconfigured control panels

Analysis of the report on the “Structure and variances of production costs” is carried out in the preconfigured control panels of Microsoft Power BI.
Using this tool allows you to flexibly work with data and obtain the necessary information based on the current needs of the business, as well as distribute it among employees. If necessary, this report can also be generated in Excel in the form of a pivot table.

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