Infopulse partners with OntargIT to automate budgeting processes in Microsoft’s ERP system.

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Infopulse is an international company specializing in software development, IT operations, and IT outsourcing. The company helps clients achieve their business goals by aligning them with the most relevant technological strategies and implementing innovations to improve efficiency and operational flexibility.

Project Objectives

Infopulse needed a solution to fully conduct the budgeting process and view all analytical business information in one system.


Automated Processes:

– Project Plan-Actuals:

  • Importing project budgets and actuals

  • Generating project plan-actuals reports

– Budgeting:

  • Configuring the budget process timeline and consolidation sequence

  • Entering budgetary quantitative indicators for COAs and using them to calculate budgets for other COAs, as well as forming a cash budget

  • Creating budget plans, approving them, and consolidating them in accordance with the budget hierarchy

  • Using project budgets/forecasts in the budgeting process

– Generating plan-actual reports by companies and Bus


Through the implemented solutions, Infopulse was able to automate a range of processes within one ERP system. Infopulse and OntargIT teams are currently working on improving process work by adding business analytics, reports, and additional features to maximize the system’s capabilities. In the future, the company plans to improve other business processes within the Microsoft platform.

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