Companies are looking for new solutions that promise to solve all the urgent tasks of the enterprise in a single system. But despite the many modern and powerful systems that offer complex automation, there are always special processes and technologies that are not taken into account by general, even industry-specific products.

Each company strives to create unique processes that, in its particular case, in its particular market environment, allow it to achieve better results and outperform competitors. And such uniqueness cannot be implemented in a mass solution without significant modifications and costs. You need special tools that will reflect exactly your uniqueness and help you move effectively on the path to success. Such a toolkit is provided by the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Platform from Microsoft is a unified set of services, connectors, applications, which is designed to quickly create simple and powerful specialized business solutions. The practical application of the platform is guided by the principle of No-Code / Low-Code – development without programming or with minimal programming, which is more like writing formulas in Excel than developing programs. Microsoft Power Platform includes four core products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and additional services.

Microsoft Power Platform components

Probably the most well-known part of the platform, Power BI is a powerful mechanism for building interactive data analysis and visualization systems.

It is no secret that today every company collects, processes and stores a large amount of data ranging from financial indicators, warehouse and production data, customer and order information to data from smart devices and even individual sensors. But often the use of this data is limited to reports built into management systems. But what if you know how to use this information even more effectively?

You build your own analytical model, develop convenient ways to provide indicators to users and give your employees the opportunity to upgrade the proposed tool to make it even more convenient and practical! And all this without programming! Everything is accessible for understanding by ordinary employees, far from the development of powerful systems.

Power Apps allows you to create unique applications without programming (or almost) that will automate special processes. You create an app using standard “blocks” and their connections with the help of graphical tools, dragging and dropping “details” on the screen. Just like Lego for business processes! And the data for your application can be taken from existing systems or sources.

You will probably want not only to get special applications for individual tasks, but also to automate your special workflows and operations in order to be able to concentrate on the really important tasks. And here Power Automate comes to the rescue – a platform for combining applications and actions into related workflows, which allows you to automate multi-step operations in various systems.

There are repetitive tasks that just beg to be more efficient – automate them in a thoughtful way. And again – all development in a visual environment, dragging “blocks” and describing actions.

Did invoice issue in ERP? We will save it as a PDF file and send it by e-mail to the customer, and we will send a notification to the responsible manager to the corporate manager.

Did a milestone occur on one of your systems? We create an entry in the log of another system, activate the “switch” in the third, send a letter to the service department and wait for a progress report to complete the process, fixing deadlines along the way and sending reminders if necessary.

Do you need to automate routine work in old systems that do not have the appropriate APIs? We record a sequence of keystrokes and mouse clicks, import them into the constructor and use them as standard “blocks”.

Combine various systems and actions into single flows, clean up the routine, make the work of your employees fast and efficient.

Today, the use of chatbots for information, data collection, communication and many other tasks is growing. After all, many questions and appeals can be answered automatically, instantly and without errors. Chatbots help bring communication with customers or partners, as well as with your own employees to a higher level.

In fact, a chatbot is a special program, the interface of which is the usual language of human communication.

Need to automate incoming requests? Provide customers and partners with a convenient tool to solve current issues at any time of the day? Help employees with filling out documents, applications for leave, obtaining certificates and access to corporate data? Chatbots will handle this task.

Additional services

Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its main elements. The platform also represents a Dataverse database, which collects and integrates data from different systems and applications, allowing a common understanding of general information despite differences in the specific views of individual systems.

Thus, for example, ERP, CRM systems and analytical Power BI will have the same understanding of common entities, such as customer name or company name, even if the data is stored in different formats.

Data Connectors are intermediaries both between Power Platform components and with external systems. They allow you to “glue” the data of different systems and integrate them with each other.

AI Builder is an artificial intelligence available for process optimization and data processing in Power Apps and Power Automate. Without programming skills, you create your own models or choose existing ones and apply them to your business scenarios.

Power Platform provides the opportunity to combine the best automation systems for you, supplement them with your own applications for individual tasks, link the processes of different systems into single streams, provide you with the most complete analytics with convenient data representation and modern automated communication tools.

Thus, the Microsoft Power Platform will be for you the platform on which you will get the best solution for automating your unique processes.

Published On: May 3rd, 2022 / Categories: Blog /

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