Diagnostics is a key step in the process of the project implementation. It is necessary to comprehend the structure of the client’s business.

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The obtained information in the Diagnostics process stay relevant during the project implementation time as well as after it.

The basic directions of diagnostics are:

– client’s challenges and requirements analysis;

– determination of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions applicability to solve the specific challenge;

– definition of client’s business enterprise scheme;

– evaluation of the scope of works;

– project timing limits evaluation;

– evaluation of the budget;

– risks determination and evaluation.

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Build resilient business with OntargIT and Dynamics 365

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High-level analysis

The first task in the diagnostic process is a high-level analysis of customer’s business requirements. Most clients of OntargIT are successful, actively operating companies. During the work time, the specialists of these companies face a range of specific problems. Looking for the best way to resolve them they refer to OntargIT.

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OntargIT experts define the technology and recommend how Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated in the customer’s business environment with a minimal disruption of the organizational structure and ensure maximum benefits from the implementation.

Each company develops its own unique structure and system of relationships between elements of the chain in the business process. OntargIT experts perform full structural audit and determine all elements of the chain and links between them.

The key factors that determine rationality of the project implementation are outlined in the Scope of Work, execution deadlines, and as a result – the definition of the total budget.

Some companies have business processes which carry high risk of uncertainty. For such processes we recommend to produce more detailed business analysis. Detailed analysis tasks in Diagnostics phase enable to gain sufficient information to determine the exact scope of the project and the volumes of planning works. OntargIT experts estimate the cost of proposed work, determine the benefits of the project and identify the associated risks.

A detailed study of the project plays an important role in the return of investment analysis when assesses the project. The main focus will be on the scope of work and deadlines of the project.

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In addition, optionally, as part of diagnostics services, we provide services on infrastructure analysis, evaluation of the solution architecture, business case preparation. The results of the work are presented in the form of relevant documents. However, the execution of these works can be transferred to Phase Analysis or Design.

The final phase of Diagnostics tasks is to define approaches to project implementation and project planning – determining the resources, time and budget to implement the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

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