Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system

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Manage a measurable and understandable sales process

  • Structure the process, measure the effectiveness of passing through its stages

  • Analyze where the client lives and which promotion channel is most effective

  • Automate customer courtesy contact tasks and reinforce customer loyalty

Implement effective marketing communications

  • Segment your customer base by automatically identifying dependencies between customer profile, purchased items, and seasonality.

  • Use artificial intelligence for marketing purposes to deliver your offer to the right target audience.

  • Improve offers using previous interaction with potential and existing customers.

  • Automate the distribution of offers and measure their effectiveness in popular social networks.

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Manage your customer base

  • Retain the customer base by forming relevant offers based on both the sales history and the results of communications, moods, and customer experience.

  • Keep the entire history of communications with the client in CRM: correspondence, calls, meeting plans, notes.

  • Build a high-quality procedure for processing and resolving customer requests using CRM tools.

  • React to posts and requests in social networks using tools for monitoring and automating the process of creating client requests in CRM.

Improve customer experience with innovative solutions

  • Use effective chat-bots to speed up communication with the client.

  • Communicate with the client in online chats in his language using automatic text translation tools.

  • Improve the quality of contacts by integrating with cloud PBXs of mobile operators and analyzing call records even from a mobile phone.

  • Automate outbound communication tasks by providing the client with the information he needs in a timely manner.

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How much does a CRM system cost?

OntargIT specialists analyze the specifics of the business, its needs and tasks. Together with us, you can automate the necessary business processes and improve the quality of work with a client.

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