Reporting is an important part of any companies financial management. Nowadays for organizations it is very important to make data-driven decisions to optimize their day-to-day operations. That’s why highly informative and up-to-date reports are required.

Microsoft analyzed that most of their customers face next issues with the reporting

  • Complexity in accessing and analyzing data because of data model

  • Slow performance across large and complex datasets

  • It is challenging to make changes to reports

  • Extensibility problems when there is a need to join data from multiple business systems

  • Too many reporting tools and sources

Based on highlighted issues Microsoft presented their solution – Business performance analytics. It is designed to make reporting more efficient and effective.

Business performance analytics is easy to deploy and use. It is designed with performant queries that are scalable, secure and consistent.

Moreover, Business performance analytics is extensible across data from legacy systems, partner solutions and ISV and provide tools to easily make changes to your reports.

Business performance analytics enables businesses to streamline their reporting processes while ensuring data accuracy, security and scalability.

To achieve the best experience from Business performance analytics you should create dimensional model to simplify reporting by organizing your data.

For example, you can organize your data into different financial and operational processes to have according dataset for your reports (Example on Picture 1). By breaking down your data into dimensions reporting becomes simpler and more efficient

Picture 1. Dimensional data mode

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Dimensional data model

The Business performance analytics is a modern SaaS solution built on Microsoft Enterprise scale technology powered by the Azure Stack – Data Lake, Dataverse and Synapse. This tool delivers pre-built reports in Excel and Power BI. Examples you can see on Picture 2 and Picture 3.

Picture 2 – Power BI report example

Business performance analytics

Picture 3 – Dashboard example

Business performance analytics

With this solution you can easily manage all your reports, edit visualizations and setup key performance indicators for your dashboard to maximize your reporting efficiency. Users can easily create snapshots of their reports at a certain moment to compare different periods data or aggregate reports.

In addition, this tool provides functionality to set up role based security or dimensional security. Your System administrator can easily set up restrictions based on dimensions such as legal entities, business units, or dimension groups – list of dimensions that user can access.(Picture 4)

Picture 4 – Dimension group setup example

Dimension group setup example

You can use role-based security and assign default reports for the role so the users could have the most necessary and useful data for them. You can see an example of the security role setup in Picture 5

Picture 5 – Accountant role example

In conclusion, Business performance analytics is a next step in efficient and effective financial and operational reporting. This tool will help organizations optimize their reporting process and make better data-driven decisions.

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