Audit of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Audit of implemented ERP solutions are used by enterprises in order to control the quality of business processes implementation.

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The audit is executed by experienced specialists: functional and technical consultants of OntargIT.

The major reason for the periodical necessity of solutions audit are the dynamically changing business processes in accordance with business demands.

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Yevhenii Maliukin OntargIT

OntargIT Dynamics 365 Expert

Build resilient business with OntargIT and Dynamics 365

Build resilient business with OntargIT and Dynamics 365

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The audit is intended to:

– inspect the working solution’s accordance to objective tasks;

– research the “pinch points”;

– identify gaps in the automation chain;

– update the business scheme.

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ERP implementation

As a result of the audit the client receives:

– evaluation of the existing ERP-system work effectiveness, determination of areas of ​​effective and ineffective business processes;

– the process of system documenting, a set of developed instructions for implementation, operation, exploitation and monitoring solutions;

– examined opportunities and perspectives for the system upgrade, identified processes and functions that are relevant for update.

An audit is conducted in accordance to the implementation methodology to conform the execution of the obligatory phases of the project and produces all required documents.

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