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Nowadays digitalization embraces all aspects of health care and pharmaceutical production, in particular artificial intelligence for drug discovery and design, searching for supply chain insights with big data and machine learning, IOT for manufacturing and quality process indicators tracking, and mixed reality for customer and supplier engagement. The rapid development of customer needs requires increased production performance, product quality, and communication speed. That is why D365FO will become the game changer for your pharmaceutical business.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects all processes to build end-to-end business solutions. Our system not only makes the harmonious usage of advanced ERP functional but also applies modern digital technologies to get significant business results. The platform fits industry specific requirements and helps pharmaceutical companies build their own problem-solving and data-driven ecosystem.


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Production Management

  • Track the reservation of specific batches of raw materials for a batch of finished products

  • Use the ability to automatically calculate raw material requirements for a production order based on the raw material batch properties (for example, API assay)

  • Synchronize the sequence of products produced using product sequences

  • Control the consumption of semi-finished products in production campaigns using consolidated orders

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  • Analyze production status and product quality using automatic notifications on the equipment availability, timeliness of production orders, and product parameters (SCM and IOT integration)

Quality control and management

  • Simplify and speed up your documentation process with quality control specification templates and electronic record keeping

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  • Ensure the data integrity and verify the authenticity of the quality control status using a digital signature

  • Manage nonconformances and CAPA at different stages of the product life cycle.

  • Estimate the budget for correcting the nonconformance

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Meet your ideal warehouse management solution that regulates all required pharmaceutical industry needs

Get a complete picture of inventory and give your employees better management control to avoid shortages and save on wasted labor hours.

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Sales and procurement management

  • Automatically calculate and confirm the shipment date of manufactured products based on the supply chain model

  • Reduce the amount of master data records in the management of personalized prescribed drugs

  • Reserve the appropriate product based on customer required batch properties and drug remaining shelf life

  • Register and initiate a complaint investigation

  • Manage your approved vendors list

  • Approve and keep electronic delivery specifications

Inventory management

  • Control inventory flows using various rules for the warehouse movement

  • Prevent the improper inventory placement by setting up and keeping item and warehouse temperature conditions

  • Eliminate inventory identification errors in the warehouse and during transportation with two-dimensional labeling

  • Track any inventory receipt movement issue with bottom-up or top-down analysis

  • Prevent warehouse overload by setting up storage capacity

  • Respond in a timely manner to notifications in your mobile phone tablet PC about the output of controlled parameters of warehouse premises using integration with IOT

IT component

  • Accelerate ERP system validation processes with regression testing tools

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