OntargIT implements Power Platform-based technologies for L’Oréal 

Aker Solutions внедрила Microsoft Power Platform

The OntargIT team has launched a pilot project NapLes (New Product Launch) for L’Oréal using Microsoft Power Platform technology to optimize the process of launching and bringing new products to market. This solution is focused on simplifying user access to important information that the team needs. Namely, the launch status, task notifications, and access to updated reporting.  


The NapLes solution based on the Power Platform improves:   

  • The efficiency of the business process of launching physical products on the market.

  • The productivity of team members working on NPL projects.

As a result, the L’Oréal team is able to quickly analyze all the important data, which makes it much easier to estimate the time and structure to manage the launch process. The solution not only provides opportunities to identify potential risks during the launch and avoid them in a timely manner, but also ensures ongoing product updates on the stock. Using Power Platform technologies, the NPL team can significantly increase their time efficiency by accessing updated reporting, alerts, task management, workflow tracking, product updates, and risk control.

OntargIT and L’Oreal continue their partnership in the use of Power Platform technologies, so stay tuned for more updates!

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