Sales level analysis

Power BI

The solution covers 3 automotive business areas: car sales, spare parts sales and services sales,

Comprehensive Power BI reports

Made for auto dealer business

The auto dealer business includes car sales, after-sales service, and selling spare parts. It’s a complex industry that needs constant attention to customer standards. We offer solutions for car sales, spare parts sales, and service sales.

Keep track with KPIs

In the auto dealer business, everyone needs to use the same KPIs. This helps keep track of how well things are going. Our tools help with managing employee productivity, point-of-sale performance, share performance, and customer segmentation.

Solve key business problems

Our solution aids in analyzing employee productivity, monitoring sales locations, evaluating share performance, understanding customer behavior, tracking sales progress, and overseeing company expenses and revenues. We provide the tools you need to manage your business with confidence.

Auto Sales Report

  • Number of cars sold by brand, by model

  • Revenue in brand analytics, car models

  • Cost of sold cars by brand

  • Margin by brands, car models

Dealer report

  • Number of cars purchased by dealers

  • Top-10 dealers by purchase, in the context of cars bought by dealers and sold to a client

  • The number of cars bought by dealers and sold to customers during the period

  • Filtering data by period: year, quarter, month

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Parts sales report

  • Number of parts sold

  • Revenue from the sale of spare parts

  • Cost of parts sold

  • Filtering Spare parts margin in absolute and percentage terms by period: year, quarter, month

  • Spare parts margin for the period

  • Parts liquidity. ABC – classification of spare parts

  • Number and amount of accessories sold

Margin report

  • Revenue from the sale of spare parts according to ABC – classification

  • Sales history analysis

  • Sales margin

  • Marginality of each position of the nomenclature directory of spare parts

Cars & warehouses availability report

  • Cartography of finding stocks by brand, car model

  • Number of vehicles by brand, model, warehouse location

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The power of Power BI

This Power BI report suite provides the financial director and sales director with a comprehensive view of the company’s profitability, specifically in the areas of car and spare parts sales. It not only details the revenue generated from these products but also offers information about stock levels, their costs, locations, and the revenue they contribute. Additionally, the reports include both quantitative and aggregate analytics to assess the extent of cooperation with dealer network representatives.

  • Evaluate employees and outlet performance
  • Real-time sales and inventory tracking
  • Identify customer sources
  • Measure satisfaction and retention

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