Company finance resources management always requires process optimizations, new tools, safety protocols, and adaptations to the financial and fiscal policy of the operating region.

Among available solutions is Dynamics 365 Finance, an ERP system with a wide range of tools to meet all your must-haves for quality financial operating, budgeting, accounting, and financial data analysis in one program for all company activities.

Dynamics 365 Finance offers a modern automatized solution to help CFOs to operate a business.

Real-time financial data tracking

With the help of AI, you can get consolidated reports, data analysis, and optimization suggestions. All the data is visualized in easy-to-understand charts and tables.

Financial operations control

The system suggests the tools that will ease the process of financial task control. You can assign a responsible person, deadline terms, control tasks` statuses, and causes of execution failure. Also, you can access the archive of all previous operations.

Safety and Cloud

As Dynamics 365 Finance is a cloud service, you can reduce your expenses on maintaining the physical infrastructure and redirect available resources to company development.

Microsoft is a technology leader and provides its products with first-class security policies and risk management models, so Dynamics 365 Finance is protected from operational risks.


Dynamics 365 Finance can be deployed and rolled out rapidly in 47 languages and across 42 countries/regions adapting to their specific tax requirements to reduce the risk of fiscal legislation breach.

Automatization and cost reduce

The solution allows you to automatize financial processes in different regions and the same budget control tools to plan and control the company expenses.

Dynamics 365 Finance will adapt to your company’s needs regardless of its growth speed.

New opportunities with Dynamics 365 Finance

After the system implementing , you will get advantages in:

  • adapting to a new business environment

  • automatization of available processes, reducing the human factor errors

  • scaling based on data amount and numbers of operations

  • real-time data analysis

  • AI forecasting

  • reducing operation risks

Financial management demands a reliable software solution that will constantly develop and adapt to the new business requirements and fulfill company needs depending on the current market situation.

Thus, by choosing Dynamics 365 Finance, you get all strengths of a specialized Microsoft solution and allow your business to enter a new level of financial management.

Published On: August 2nd, 2022 / Categories: Blog /

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