Aker Solutions turned to Microsoft Power Platform instead of developing separate applications.

Aker Solutions внедрила Microsoft Power Platform

Aker Solutions delivers integrated solutions, products, and services to the global energy industry. The company enables low-carbon oil and gas production and develops renewable products to meet future energy needs.

By combining innovative digital solutions and predictable project execution Aker Solutions accelerates the transition to sustainable energy production.

Aker Solutions


Find a solution that organises a clear and simple way for relevant managers to submit and share a weekly report about what every part of the multinational corporation was up to and what is planned to be achieved. 

Implemented Solutions

  • Microsoft Power Portal solution as a back-end administrative tool integrated with HTML/js front-end web-applicatio

  • Microsoft SharePoint to store the files

  • DevOps to store the code versions and support code transfers 

  • Microsoft Outlook connection for emailing

  • Power Automate for the flows

Aker Solutions business results

With the need for a stand-alone tool for internal reporting purposes, Aker Solutions turned to Microsoft Power Platform instead of developing separate applications. The company already had a positive experience with Power Portal which made it easy to make a choice.

The technology made it possible to reduce the development cost, shorten the production timeline whilst keeping it aligned with the best practices. Also, it’s easy to extend and develop as it utilizes standard components. Quick integration with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, DevOps, Outlook etc. came in handy.

Microsoft Dataverse and Power Portal tools made it convenient to create and manage databases, administer the solution, and integrate it with the front-end part. Microsoft Power Automate supported the business processes providing the workflows to follow.

Now, Aker Solutions have all the internal reporting process of the complex business kept within one application with clear flows to follow by end-users.

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