Last week, Microsoft hosted one of the largest online events of the year – the Microsoft Business Application Summit. Over the course of two days, more than 2.85 million active members of the community had the opportunity to chat, learn about the main innovations and simply immerse themselves in the world of digital technology.

We have prepared a collection of interesting new Power BI features that are already available or will be available later.

Goals is a data-driven, collaborative, and adaptable way to measure key business metrics and goals built directly on top of Power BI. Goals enables teams to easily curate business metrics that matter most and aggregate them in a unified view. From there, teams can measure progress against their goals, proactively share updates with their teammates, and dive deeper into their data when something needs further analysis.

Automated Insights is coming to Power BI later this year. It combines all Power BI AI functionality ranging from anomaly detection to smart narratives and the decomposition tree into a single end-to-end experience directly catered to your needs. When you open a report, automated insights runs behind the scenes, and surfaces insights that need your attention.

With the new Power Automate visual, end-users can run an automated flow all within a Power BI report. Furthermore, the executed flow can be data contextual, meaning that the Flow inputs can be dynamic based on the filters set by the end-user.

With Data in space provided by Power BI Mobile apps, the frontline worker will be able to augment Power BI reports in physical space, as close as possible to the objects who generate them. These reports will add a data layer on top of the object, helping people get a better understanding of the data in its spatial context.

Published On: May 11th, 2021 / Categories: Blog /

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