Microsoft Dataverse is a managed service that securely shapes, stores, and manages any data across your business apps, from ERP systems to user generated Power Apps. Dataverse empowers citizen developers to quickly develop apps at scale, and pro developers to easily create apps that interoperate across multiple systems.

Dataverse for Microsoft Teams:

Provides the data layer behind the Power Apps integration with Teams. As you build data rich apps, it places text and file based data in the right data store. Great for everyday, no-code apps built in Teams. Scales to a million rows, or 2GB.

Dataverse in Power Apps Studio:

Works as the backend service that powers Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI. More capacity, control and capabilities. Built on additional enterprise-grade Azure services for larger scale, data integration, relevance search, off-line support and more granular security. Scales to 4TB or more.

Dataverse Pro-Dev:

Easily bring in existing data for an app. Use virtual tables to directly call your remote data without importing or moving it. Greater control and security options. Build search into your apps and even into your processes or bots.

Published On: May 13th, 2021 / Categories: Blog /

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