You can help Ukraine right now!

War in Ukraine continues. Every night and day for these weeks, in various Ukrainian cities, russia has turned the Ukrainian sky into a source of death. This unapologetic russian aggression aimed at destroying Ukraine as an independent state. But this will NEVER happen! We already won this war by our love of freedom, democracy, and free thinking. But right now, we must win this war with our actions.

Ukraine is the country of ultimate freedom. You can become a defender of freedom too.

Take these actions:

Support the complete ban of ammunition and products imported to russia. They invest capital into the aggressor country, so the russians can buy more guns to ruin our lives.

Just cancel russia from your ecosystem. We already know, these people do not know what negotiations and trust is, so you are just fooling yourself by making business there. Do yourself a favor and just exit this country of clowns. If you are just an employee, try to persuade your CEO. Your business does not deserve a partner that has Ukrainian blood on his hands.

Do business with our specialists and companies or continue to do so! Even with these horrific circumstances, we continue to work at normal speed. We are happy to have work, to pay our bills and taxes – everything we can do to support the Ukrainian economy right now. Do not be scared to work with us, show on your network what we are capable of these days. These orcs are trying to take away our land, but they did not take our knowledge and professionalism.

Be the avenger of your time! Every voice has to be heard, every action is important right now. Express your feelings about this situation in art and share with the world. Decorate your online meetings with a supportive background. Show support with your style, avatar or content. You can change the world as much as everyone else. Do not stand still. We will save your world, help us defend our land and freedom.

Help us fight them with your kindness. Support Ukrainian funds, join volunteer forces in your country, block russian propaganda on social media, invite Ukrainian refugees to your house if you can do this. These easy actions can save someone’s life.

Donate preferred sum using links below:

Dynamics community in Ukraine

Dynamics Community in Ukraine

The Microsoft Dynamics partner community in Ukraine united to support its specialists and their families in war time. The society helps groups that are making the difference on the ground


ProRizne Society

Non-governmental organisation that aims to foster social capital development. The society helps groups that are making the difference on the ground in Ukraine.

Fight for freedom with us

Glory to Ukraine!

Слава Україні!