Hyundai Motor implemented centralized Dynamics 365 CRM to boost the sales process

Hyundai Motor Ukraine implemented centralized Dynamics 365 CRM to boost the sales process 1

Hyundai Motor has been the official distributor of Hyundai Motor Company in Ukraine since 1999. The company was established to implement and provide quality service to cars of the world-famous Korean brand Hyundai in Ukraine. It has the most extensive dealer network, which allows it to provide a high-level customer service across the country.

Hyundai Motor Ukraine implemented centralized Dynamiсs 365 CRM to boost the sales process | OntargIT success story


Hyundai Motor Ukraine has a network of 35 dealers (more than 150 users) who use the system for managing the sales process based on Dynamics 365 for Sales. OntargIT was chosen as a partner to launch the system into commercial operation, the task of which was, first, to help the internal implementation team of Hyundai Motor Ukraine in preparation for go-live and simultaneously launch all dealers into the system.

There was a need for a single environment in which the distributor (importer) could control and assist dealers in the process of selling cars (through work with leads and potential deals, car order forms, etc.) to end customers through a dealership network.


The project was implemented in 2 stages:

  • 1 stage

    To reduce the risks during such a large-scale launch, it was initially decided to implement a pilot project for 2 dealers. For several months, users of dealers who participated in the “pilot” performed operations in the system and tested the functionality. During this time, the OntargIT team organized support for users participating in the “pilot” and assisted the implementation team of Hyundai Motor Ukraine in solving possible technical problems.

    Together with OntargIT specialists and the implementation team of Hyundai Motor Ukraine, a launch plan was developed, and training was prepared for work in the general network (user instructions, database of preparatory training materials, organization of online trainings, etc.).

  • 2 stage

    At the beginning of November 2020, a system went live, during which all network users simultaneously switched to work in a single CRM system.

    For 2 months, the Ontargit team provided first line support for users of the Hyundai Motor Ukraine dealer network.


  • Centralized CRM system and database for all users in the sales process by the distributor (importer)

  • Integration with 1C to ensure the functionality of reservation by order of car dealers in the warehouse Hyundai Motor Ukraine

  • A reliable data security model (each user has access only to the data to which he is supposed to have access as part of the sales process)

  • Unified interface for all network users
  • Operational analytics at any time for analysis and decision-making by the top management of the dealer network using Power BI
  • Unification and automation of the sales process stage

  • Extensive opportunities for advanced automation of new business processes using technology on the principle of “low-code/no-code”

Thanks to the coordinated actions and professionalism of the internal team of Hyundai Motor Ukraine and Ontargit, as well as properly constructed preparation for launch, the customer was able to launch the system into industrial operation with synchronous operation of all dealer network users.

Currently, OntargIT is working in support mode and is developing, together with the Hyundai Motor Ukraine implementation team, additional system settings to prepare a promising basis for the future use of Dynamics 365 for Sales as a platform for automating new processes and tasks.

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