Successful Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation in “Fisсher-Mukachevo”


Ukrainian-Austrian enterprise “Fisсher-Mukachevo” is the largest enterprise in Europe with a full cycle of production of ski and sports equipment. The factory manufactures products not only for FISCHER brand, but for other brands as well. The major part of alpine and cross-country skis is represented on the market by FISCHER brand, manufactured in Mukachevo.



“We faced an issue of acquiring an integrated system that would unite finance, logistics and manufacturing. Moreover, employees of the company located in different countries had to work in the system simultaneously. It was a defining moment for us, and that is why we have chosen the Dynamics AX system” – says Vasyl Ryabych, Director General of “Fischer-Mukachevo”.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX Provider

To implement the ERP system, “Fischer-Mukachevo” has engaged a certified ERP-partner of Microsoft, specializing in implementation and support of solutions developed based on Microsoft Dynamics AX – OntargIT Company.

“Our company deals only with implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics applications,” – says Volodymyr Svyrydenko, Director of OntargIT. “This allows us to accumulate and use the tremendous experience gained from implementation in the enterprises of various industries in different countries of the world. The main task that the customer has set for us is to build an effective and comprehensive tool for increasing the efficiency of Fisher Group. This is related to the need to reduce stock balances and optimization of planning processes. At the same time, when developing the system configuration, special attention had to be paid to the interaction between the employees from various departments and divisions, some of which are located in Austria, in Ried, and part of which – in Ukraine, in Mukachevo.”


Within the framework of the project, finance, production, logistics and internal corporate interaction were implemented in the system.

In many ways, success of the implementation was ensured by the participation of 4 parties in the project. On the Customer’s side: Fischer Sports GmbH (Austria) and Ukrainian-Austrian enterprise “Fischer-Mukachevo”; on the Contractor’s side: Microsoft partners: FWI Technology (Austria) and Ontargit (Ukraine).

“Initially, it was extremely important for us that all companies in Austria, Italy, Germany, France, America and Ukraine could work in a single understandable for all of them system,” emphasizes Vasyl Ryabych. “Today I can say with confidence, that with the introduction of the system, all our offices speak the same language, as we operate with the same data. The language of figures is absolutely understandable for all our employees, despite the fact that we work in different countries. With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX, we have a handy tool, with the help of which we see the problems of a company and can easily fix them.”


  • Reduced production and operating costs

  • Reduced inventory investment

  • Reduced time for development and launching of the new products to the market

  • Significant reduction in the insurance stock level

  • Increase in the inventory turnover

  • Accurate costs accounting

  • Using single reference books

  • Unified interpretation of data at all the levels of the company

Introduction of ERP II tools led to reduction of inventory levels, and to increase of customer satisfaction with Fisher. 5 countries work in a single system – from sales planning, through production planning and logistics management to individual and general indicators.


“When they choose us as a supplier, the defining moment – in the opinion of Vasyl Ryabych, Director General of Fischer-Mukachevo, — is the delivery term. For all our customers, absolute observance of delivery terms is extremely important, while we, as suppliers, need to consider not only the volumes, but also the features related to the technical parameters of the products. It would be impossible to meet these requirements without the use of an automated control system. With our production volumes and a wide assortment, there is always the risk of “over-producing” or “under-producing” something. With Dynamics AX, we improved these figures by 20%. Accordingly, we were able to use materials more economically, reduce production and operating costs, reduce the amount of inventory and save turnover capital.

Of course, for me the final result of the company is important. With introduction of Dynamics AX, operational management system has improved; today we are receiving detailed reports on the company’s activities in real time. We have an absolutely clear idea of ​​prime cost: accurate cost accounting, planned and actual costs. The hierarchy of information flows has become clear and structured for all our companies, which operate in different countries. Detailed analytics here and now helps us to respond to problems and/or changes now and today.

I am proud of work, as a result of which, from producing 3 thousand pairs of skis twenty years ago we have grown to producing more than a million pairs of skis now! And I think this is a tangible result!” – Vasyl Ryabych, Director General of “Fischer-Mukachevo”.


Successful partnership of “Fischer-Mukachevo” and OntargIT companies in implementation of the project on building an integrated ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX laid a powerful foundation for cooperation and further expansion of use of capabilities of the system.

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