With the changing technology landscape your businesses solutions and infrastructure are getting less adaptable, less useful, and less secure day by day. So, naturally, the new business priority is to resist continues disruptions with implementing modern solution, such as migration to Dynamics 365

Good enough is no longer good enough

If your solutions work now, it doesn’t mean they will work tomorrow.

You can often meet the phrase “What we have works just fine” during conversations about updating your solution and it’s understandable – companies workers are already used to current programs and their performance satisfy current requirements. However, this is a clear sight complacency – the death of innovation and growth.

Though some leaders still insist their on-premises solution is getting the job done, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the competition is using the Cloud to accelerate growth.

With migration to Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM systems companies will benefit from:

  • seamless data integrations

  • out-of-the-box functionality
  • advanced machine learning
  • predictive AI analytic capabilities

With these options in your hands, you can ensure the company’s steady growth and development.

Картинка: 62% of companies that have migrated to the cloud reported an increase in customer satisfaction.

Your needs are not as unique as you think

This idea that your company’s needs are unique is quite common among on-premises organizations whose solutions have been heavily customized over the years, often addressing specific, point-in-time business needs.

Mainly this misconception occurs when old systems require cumbersome customization with underlying expenses, infrastructure, and processes.

Microsoft Cloud solutions ensure agility and adaptability to meet modern business requirements. Cloud migration is a big decision—it is a large technology project that take planning and resources.

While customizations do add complexity, these modifications should not preclude you from moving to the Cloud. Out-of-the-box functionality; low-code, no-code; code-extensions; and ISV applications often eliminate the need for your legacy customizations.

Dynamics 365 implementations provides long-term flexibility and scalability designed to grow with customers’ businesses, allowing them to manage their organizations with unified data in real time.

Migration to Dynamics 365 ensures security or compliance

Vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure and processes can leave systems susceptible to external threats and exploitation. Due to media mentions, many organizations believe the Cloud is not safe.

Cloud-based systems have millions of programs designed to check and update customers’ systems, creating backups and adjusting to current conditions, while on-premises solutions are reliant on IT staff to do those things individually.

Microsoft works hard to advance to oppose against the increasing sophistication, speed, adaptability, and sheer criminal organization of cyber-attacks, while it is nearly impossible for any smaller company to protect itself in a siloed, non-cloud environment.

Microsoft Cloud solutions regularly provide localized compliance, security, and governance updates. This translates into greater institutional and organizational efficiency and cost savings, allowing your teams and IT staff to focus on other projects and strategic priorities aligning to growth, leaving the security “burden” on Microsoft.

Your business resiliency may depend on when and how you adopt Cloud functionality

Bear in mind that the benefits of the cloud can only fully be realized through successful migration, and Microsoft has developed the tools, resources, and expert support to help companies ensure migration to Dynamics 365 in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Published On: November 15th, 2022 / Categories: ERP /

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