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The Printing & Packaging industry challenges

Sustainability, flexibility, and localized marketing lead to more options and more flexible packaging solutions. This calls for improved management, workflow automation, and better system integration.

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Printing and Packaging

Why industry-specific?

  • Fast-paced business, short lead times, trend of smaller lots
  • Product development process, shortened product life cycle
  • Supply chain integration & agility, VMI
  • Quality & tracking requirements
  • Perfect order fulfillment is a must
  • Prepress process, multiple process steps, multilayer materials and print management
  • Several product variants in the same order
  • Subcontracting, multisite operations
  • High estimation accuracy, transparent costs
  • Machine time, material waste, and WIP optimization
  • Raw materials price fluctuations
  • Need for cutting overhead costs
  • Requirement for specialized product configuration for business order
  • Integration with prepress and CAD systems
  • Real-time production
  • Tracking

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Explore how Dynamics 365 (ERP), AI/ML, and industrial IoT can boost digital transformation in the printing and packaging industries

Disruption technologies that lead to large productivity improvements

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