How much will a typical Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation cost?

Costs of implementation and use of Microsoft Dynamics AX mainly depends on two key factors: software and implementation costs.

Software costs (licenses for Microsoft Dynamics AX; third party software if needed)

Microsoft Dynamics AX  is licensed under a pricing model that is simple, flexible, and focused on the needs of the individual roles in your company. All Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 customers need to license:

  • All Microsoft Dynamics AX solution functionality is licensed through the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server license;
  • Access to the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution functionality by users or devices is licensed through Client Access Licenses (CALs). There are four available CAL types for Microsoft Dynamics AX, each of which grant an increasingly wider spectrum of use rights, inclusive of the rights granted for any lower-level CAL.

Depending on role access license will cost you from USD 120 to USD 4200 per user or per device.

Third-party add-ons are available to extend the ERP software with features and functions for specific vertical. Third-party add-ons typically account for 20% to 30% of license cost. 

Implementation costs (analysis, design, trainings, installations, customizations and testing, integrations etc.). Many factors influence cost of implementation services: industry, size of the company, maturity level, volume of transactions and scope and complexity of implementation, number of customizations and integrations with third-party software.

Average mid-sized company would need to invest between USD 150 000 and USD 600 000 totally in software and implementation costs.

Great news is that, according to survey by Panorama Consulting Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX has the shortest implementation time comparing to SAP and Oracle.

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