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Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX product, OntargIT company has designed a specialized solution in Microsoft Power BI for Production cost analysis.

This solution gives our clients - production companies - ability to calculate, visualize and analyze planned and/vs actual production cost structure split into to materials, labor, machine, overheads. It provides the following data:

  • Structure of planned production cost
  • Structure of actual production cost
  • Material quantity and price variance
  • Labor and machine resource consumption variance, split into qty and rate variances
  • Overhead variance

Dimensions available for variance analysis:

  • Resource ID (material, worker, machine, etc.) and/or Resource group
  • Department / Work center
  • Production order number
  • Sales order number or project number (in case when production was executed for a specific customer’s order)
  • Product and product group ID / Specification ID, drilled down to every nesting depth, and/or its configuration
  • and more.

Predefined dashboards in Microsoft Power BI allow to analyze the “Production cost structure and variance” report. Using this tool secure ability to work with data in flexible manner and get necessary information depend on current business requirements, and share it between responsible staff. This report can be accessed through Excel as a Pivot table, if required.


You can watch full version of interactive report by pressing button "View Report". Try to click on the indicators. 


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OntargIT is provider of innovative enterprise business solutions to increase speed of doing business and improve management efficiency of its customers. OntargIT, GOLD Microsoft Partner, is focused on implementation and support of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Office 365 for different industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution. We run projects and support our customers in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North America.

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