Automobiles and spare parts sales level analysis

Automobile sales




The spare parts’ sales by brands and models


Spare parts marginality report by dealers and brands


Automobile availability

Presented reports provide chief financial and chief sales officer a means for get aggregate picture of business activity in terms of cars’ profitability are sold, spare parts. Also, to get information about stored inventories’ level and its cost, location, revenues it’s brought.

The reports contain quantitive and value analytics to analyze the level of cooperation with dealers’ network representatives.

The following reports are presented:

  1. Automobile sales.
    1. Amount of sold automobile by brands, models.
    2. Returns from sales by brands and models.
    3. Sold automobile cost by brands, models.
    4. Margin by brands and models.

With periods and groups of customers filtering possibility


  1. Dealers.
    1. Numbers of automobile has bought out by dealers.
    2. OP 10 buying-out dealers by automobile has bought and sold to customer.
    3. Number of automobiles that have bought by dealers, have sold to customers per period.

Possibility of data filtration per period: year, quarter, month.


  1. The spare parts’ sales by brands and models.
    1. Amount of spare parts have sold.
    2. Return of spare parts sales.
    3. Spare parts cost.
    4. Spare parts margin in absolutely and percentage values.
    5. Spare parts margin per period.
    6. Spare parts liquidity. ABC classification of spare parts.
    7. Amount and sum of accessories have sold.

With filtering possibility by period, availability of sold accessories, groups of customers.


  1. Spare parts marginality report by dealers and brands.
    1. Spare parts’ sales revenues by ABC classification. Analysis of sales history.
    2. Sales margin.
    3. Marginality of every stock item position from spare parts directory.

With filtering possibility by brand, ABC code and groups of customers.


  1. Automobile availability in the stores.
    1. Cartography of reserves location by brands and models.
    2. Amount of automobile by brands, models and stores location.

With filtering possibility by status of sales order.

The goals of analytical reports we have developed are - to provide the answers for you in the following main questions:

  1. What brands or models are bringing to us more values?
  2. How quickly can we accomplish customer’s desire?
  3. Who is our best dealer?
  4. How can we develop and improve replenishment politics?


You can watch full version of interactive report by pressing button "View Report". Try to click on the indicators. The report pages switch in the bottom of the popup window.


You can watch video by pressing button "View DEMO". 

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