Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Consumers today are looking for a complete shopping experience. Our vision is to empower enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic by delivering a complete shopping experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS), omni-channel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insights, operate with agility, exceed consumers expectations, and build enduring loyalty with superior time to value—in other words, to become a Dynamic Retailer.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is the best solution for the automation of retail sales for:

  • supermarkets;
  • fashion stores;
  • pharmacy;
  • furniture stores;
  • hardware stores;
  • consumers & electronics products.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail allows you to:

  • Unite your main office ERP system and your Ukrainian bench's ERP.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX supports 40 languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, French and English are some of the basic languages of the solution.
  • Adapt quickly to changing business requirements with POS add-ins and extensible headquarters software that can be tailored to meet specific retail needs.
  • Scale your solution by adding  stores and distribution centers to help you compete as your business grows - either locally or internationally.
  • Easily add users and sites with three-tier architecture and integration with other Microsoft technology such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Capitalize on new opportunities with a Web services framework that makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to build expanded profitable partner relationships.

Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics POS

  • A single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across all your channels.
  • Cross-channel scenarios—"buy online/pick up in store"—enhance convenience for customers.
  • Retail channel integration with online marketplaces and stores creates new opportunities for sales, customer interaction, and feedback.
  • Consistent store/enterprise resource planning (ERP) data model and business rules facilitate the gathering of accurate, timely data.
  • "Drag-and-drop" designer allows point-of-sale user interface customization by role to enhance customer service and to help reduce training time for new employees.

  • Fully integrated online storefront offers content management via industry-standard tools.
  • Unique search-based technology builds online experience from managed content, authored content, catalogs, and more to deliver the most accurate, timely, and consistent experience

  • Identify trends and offer personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data.
  • Use shared document repositories to maintain a comprehensive history of the customer, from initial contact through subsequent interactions, and make it available throughout the organization.
  • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons, and more via social sites. Enable recall or redemption through other channels.
  • Track relevant demographic detail from redeemed promotions via marketplaces and social networks for customer data mining and analytics.

Watch the social commerce demo

  • Accept, fulfill, and track standard and special orders with a 360-degree business view.
  • Replenish seamlessly across any channel, based on strategy or need.
  • Manage inventory transfers and intercompany flows with an end-to-end view.

  • Quickly create unlimited, form-based financial dimensions that can be shared across legal entities for a complete business view, audit trail transparency, and detailed analys (for instance, on profitability by store).
  • Transform budget information into precise, workflow-driven management tools with multiple, variable, and hierarchical budgetary controls that allow you to define how you want to manage expenditures and gain greater control of procurement.
  • Provide timely information to stakeholders so they can close books faster by capturing and validating data at the point of entry and by using standardized processes and shared services.
  • Set up, view, and manage encumbrances, including purchase order commitments, in the general ledger. Manage workflow items with respect to year-end processing and encumbrances.


what our client says

This team has successfully completed the project implementation for our company a few years ago. And today they remain an effective expert center and our support team in challenging situations

Igor Golubchenko

IT Director, 'Fortuna' Cigar House

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