Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail: the struggle for the buyer

The first comprehensive industrial application Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail enables merchants to automate and integrate all business processes, ranging from cash registers and ending with the preparation of the consolidated financial statements of the company.

Microsoft is making another step in the implementation of strategies to support "dynamic business," and announces the availability of Russian Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. This is the first comprehensive industrial application designed for sales organizations. Business System Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail provides a new level of automation and integration of all business processes of modern commercial enterprises, including cash management equipment (POS-terminals), control store, logistics, merchandising, finance and service.

Microsoft's strategy in the field of ERP aims to support the concept of 'dynamic business. " Under this strategy, the company strives to provide its customers with all the tools necessary to make optimal use of resources and rapid response to changing requirements. Creation of complex industrial applications is a major component of this strategy. Simultaneously, Microsoft extends the capabilities of its partners to develop an ad-hoc solutions.

Retail is a highly competitive business in which success depends on customers and their loyalty. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in the first half of 2010, revenues grew by 5.2%. However, as noted by many analysts and retailers, most consumers are now reeling from the crisis, which significantly alters their behavior. They began to buy less, actively seek discounts and sales, and some began to prefer discount centers, rather than specialized stores, etc. In addition, in countries currently experiencing new trends in consumer behavior. Thus, lack of time in modern man makes him look more comfortable ways of shopping. Buyer Today you need an individual approach and choice of channel sales. Customer loyalty is no longer determined solely by price and availability of goods and services. Now, to meet customers' needs requires a combination of all factors in the buying process. Retailers should monitor these changes in order to understand which of them will turn into a real model of consumer behavior, and with this in mind, plan and adjust their activities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail includes the following modules:

Managing cash equipment (POS-terminals): specialized components of POS-terminal, integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail, provide a full featured, including the management of payments, returns, nomenclature, loyalty programs, etc. The ability to configure role-based user interface allows you to take into account the specifics of each outlet.

  • Store management: This module, which consolidates all the information on a specific store, offers a broad analytical capabilities. On this basis, you can create internal accountability for performance shop, and, based on incoming information from the central office, show the current rating in the retail store as on the chosen parameters, and assessing the situation as a whole.
  • Logistics Management magazine: module integrates the processes of purchasing and sales management with logistics and warehouse. It provides continuous synchronization with information about the logistics flow of the central office that is relevant for planning commodities.
  • Management headquarters: This module is going to all the information needed for daily operations of the company, including current data on all the logistical and financial flows.
  • Merchandising: The module offers a broad analysis capabilities in procurement, storage discounts, special or monthly bonus programs, special price "happy hours", sales of related products, etc., helping to form a competitive price.
  • Marketing: Offers a "single window", which consolidates all marketing campaigns associated with the information.
  • Planner: This module is designed to set the rules of data synchronization between the central office and shops, including cash registers. It allows you to minimize network traffic during data transmission.

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